AWS | Create – Social SignIn Authentication Pool

For Users to SignIn to the App using Social SignIn & Email,Phone password, we need to setup AWS social signin User Pool.

Refer to the Steps below to add the Auth User pool for your App.

STEP 1: #

  1. Sign in to the AWS Console, Navigate/Search for Amazon Cognito, Click on “User pools
  2. Select the “Server Location/Region” where your App Database is/will be hosted.
  3. Click on “Create user pool

STEP 2: #

  1. Select “Federated Identity Providers” as Provider types
  2. Select “Email“, “Phone number” as Sign in options
  3. Select “Facebook“, “Google“, “Login with Amazon“, “Signin with apple” as federated signin options.
  4. Click Next

STEP 3: #

Select all the options as shown below:

STEP 4: #

Select all the options as shown below:

STEP 5: #

  1. Select “Send email with Amazon SES” as Email Provider
  2. Select “SES Region
  3. Select “FROM email address” from which Verification Emails will be sent
  4. Select “Create a new IAM Role
  5. Set SocialSignInAuthRole as IAM role name
  6. Select the SNS Region (the region where your app database is/will be hosted. SNS will only work if it is migrated to Production mode from Sandbox mode in the same region)

Click Next

STEP 6: #

Select “Skip for now” for all the Federated Sign-In options as shown below:

Click Next

STEP 7: (Important: Generate Cognito Domain) #

  1. Set “SocialSignInAuthPool” As User Pool name
  2. Select Use a Cognito Domain
  3. Set your ApppName in the URL to generate the Cognito Domain (Copy & Store this URL for all future needs)

STEP 8: #

  1. Select “Public Client” as App type
  2. Set SocialSignInAppClient as client name
  3. Select “Don’t generate client secret
  4. Add these allowed callback URLs : 1. http://localhost:9753/ (For flutter web, run using this port 9753 only), 2. myapp//:

STEP 9: #

Click Create user pool

STEP 10: (Copy Credentials) #

Social SignIn User pool will be created successfully. You can find this in:

AWS Console –> Amazon cognito –> User pools –> select Region > “SocialSignInAuthPool“, (NOTE: You should be in the same AWS region from the top right region selector)

Copy the “User Pool ID” and paste it inside the source code for the field: AWS_AUTH_POOL_ID

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