Link apps with Firebase

  1. Add Firebase Web App in Firebase.
  2. Enable App Check > Play Integrity API
  3. Go to your Firebase dashboard —> Go to Project Settings —> Cloud Messaging tab —> Enable both Firebase Cloud Messaging API (V1) & Firebase Cloud Messaging API (Legacy) if not enabled already.
  4. Go to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) —> Go to Console —> Select project from the dropdown —> In the top search bar, search for “Artifact Registry API” —> Enable the API. ( required for uninterrupted delivery of Notifications in the App. Firebase Billing must be enabled to use this API)
  5. Copy Firebase project ID from the Firebase dashboard > Project Settings page & Paste it inside this file > .firebaserc
    Android App will be successfully linked to your Firebase Project (if all the above steps are followed correctly).
  6. Setup Push Notifications

Go to Firebase Dashboard > Indexes > Composite. Set the indexes the exactly same as shown below.

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