Build Flutter Web App

STEP 1: Open your Project folder in Terminal (Drag & drop in VSCode)

STEP 2: INSTALL LICENSE – Only for the first app run & license installation, execute the command in terminal:

flutter run -d chrome --debug  --web-browser-flag "--disable-web-security" --web-renderer html

STEP 3: To Run & Test the Debug App, Run the flutter web app in Chrome browser using the command :

flutter run -d chrome --web-renderer html

If a blank page appears after Run, Press Shift+R to hot restart.

STEP 4: Once Testing is Done, build the release version. In the VS code terminal, Run the commands:

flutter clean

flutter build web --release --web-renderer html

Once the build shows success in the terminal, check if the folder build/web is generated. This is the build folder which will be used for Hosting.

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