Build Android App (.apk, .aab)

Clean the Project #

Drag and drop the project in VS code. Run the command in Vs Code terminal:

flutter clean

Delete the following folders (if present):
1. android/.gradle
2. .dart_tool

Run Debug App #

Run the app in debug mode using the command:

flutter run

Once you run the App for very first time, it will prompt you to enter the PURCHASE_CODE received from CodeCanyon mentioned in the License file. This will activate the License and setup the App Instantly.

Run Release App #

Run the app in release mode using the command:

flutter run --release
Build Release App (.apk) #

Build app-release.apk file using the command:

flutter build apk --release

PLEASE NOTE: app-release.apk size is large. It will be between 30 to 70MB when published on Google Playstore using .aab (Android App Bundle)

Build Android App bundle (.aab) #

Build app-release.aab app bundle to submit it in Google Playstore. Run the following command:

flutter build appbundle --release

PLEASE NOTE: Once you submit the android app for review in google playstore, you must copy the SHA1 & SHA256 from the: Google Play console > Select app > Release > Setup > App integrity > App Signing > App Signing certificate SHA1 & SHA256
& paste it in the Firebase Dashboard >Pproject Settings > Android App > SHA1 & ShA256 fingerprints. Otherwise Login will not work once the app is live.

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