Setup iOS App

Before proceeding ahead, please make sure you have Completed setting up the Android App first, as it makes up most of the tasks required for this project.

Open the project folder in VS Code, In the terminal, run following command:

flutter clean
flutter pub get
cd ios
pod install --repo-update

Drag & Drop the ios folder in Xcode & then perform the below steps:

  1. Add ios app to firebase. & download the GoogleServices-Info.plist inside: assets/ios_assets/
  2. Open Xcode, right click on runner > Add files to runner, then select the GoogleServices-Info.plist present in the path assets/ios_assets/GoogleServices-Info.plist and click Add.
  3. Check if all the app name, package name, version is correct in the General Section & Make sure your bundle name is showing correct in Info section in the Xcode.
  4. Go to Signing & Capabilities, select or add the team & bundle identifier.

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