Build Android App (.apk, .aab)

The app will write the database automatically when run for the very first time. Kindly make sure you have set up the Firebase Security Rules or else the app will fail to Run. Run the app for 2nd time to start using the app.

Clean the Project #

Run the command in Vs Code terminal:

flutter clean

Delete the following folders (if present):
1. android/.gradle
2. .dart_tool

Run Debug App #

Run the app in debug mode using the command:

flutter run

Once you run the App for very first time, it will prompt you to enter the PURCHASE_CODE received from CodeCanyon mentioned in the License file. This will activate the License and setup the App Instantly.

Run Release App #

Run the app in release mode using the command:

flutter run --release
Build Release App (.apk) #

Build app-release.apk file using the command:

flutter build apk --release

PLEASE NOTE: app-release.apk size is large. It will be between 30 to 70MB when published on Google Playstore using .aab (Android App Bundle)

Build Android App bundle (.aab) #

Build app-release.aab app bundle to submit it in Google Playstore. Run the following command:

flutter build appbundle --release

PLEASE NOTE: Once you submit the android app for review in google playstore, you must copy the SHA1 & SHA256 from the: Google Play console > Select app > Release > Setup > App integrity > App Signing > App Signing certificate SHA1 & SHA256
& paste it in the Firebase Dashboard >Pproject Settings > Android App > SHA1 & ShA256 fingerprints. Otherwise Login will not work once the app is live.

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