Setup | SignIn with Apple

STEP 1: #

Social SignIn User pool will be created successfully. You can find this in:

AWS Console –> Amazon cognito –> User pools –> Select Region > “SocialSignInAuthPool“, (NOTE: You should be in the same AWS region from the top right region selector)

Click on “SocialSigninAuthPool

STEP 2: #

  1. Go to “Sign-in experience” tab
  2. Click on “Add identity provider” located at the bottom

STEP 3: #

Click on “Sign in with Apple” and click “Add identity provider

STEP 4: #

Kindly fill out the form as instructed below:

  1. Paste the Apple service ID generated in Step-XX above
  2. Paste the Team ID from Step-XX above
  3. Paste the Key ID from Step-XX above
  4. Upload the Private Key generated in Step-XX above
  5. Select these scopes : Email, Name
  6. Click on “Add another attribute” to add the following attributes:
User pool attributeApple attribute

Click on Add Identity Provider.

👏 Congratulations! Sign in with Apple setup is completed.

NOTE: Please don’t forget to select the “Apple” option from the Admin App > Authentication Settings > Authentication Providers so that the SignIn With Apple Button is visible in the App.

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