AWS | Configure AppSync API

Part 1: Setup Public Documents #

Step 1.A

Sign in to the AWS Console, Navigate/Search for DynamoDB

Step 1.B

  1. Click on “Tables” from the left menu.
  2. Select the correct AWS Region where you already have set up the Authentication Pool
  3. Click on “Create Table” to create a new table for storing Public Documents

Step 1.C

Enter the information exactly as shown below:

A table will be created named “PublicDocsTable” which we will be using for storing Public Documents

Step 1.D

  1. From the AWS Console, Navigate to AWS AppSync, Select DBConnectAPI
  2. Click Data Sources from left menu & click “Create new data Source” button
  3. Set “PublicDocsDataSource” as name
  4. Select AMAZON_DYNAMODB as type
  5. Select your correct AWS region
  6. Select the previously created Table name – “PublicDocsTable
  7. Select “New role
  8. Click on “Create” to create a new data source.
  1. Select DBConnectAPI
  2. Click Schema from the left menu
  3. Paste the code from here: Click here
  4. Click on the Save Schema button

Next, Attach Resolvers

Part 2: Setup Private Document Table #

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