Create iOS Provisioning Profile (. mobileprovision) file

STEP 1 : Sign in to your Apple Developer Account

STEP 2 : Navigate to > Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles & click on “Profiles

STEP 3 : Click on “+” icon (Add New Profile)

STEP 4 : Select the type of Profile:

A) iOS App Development – If you are planning to BUILD iOS Apps only for debug & testing purpose.
B) AppStore – If you are planning to BUILD & SUBMIT iOS production apps to AppStore.

STEP 5 : Select an App ID & click “Continue”

If your App ID is not visible here, you need to Register the App ID first

STEP 6 : Select the “Apple Signing Certificate” already registered in your account.

If any Apple Signing Certificate is not visible here, you need to Create an Apple Signing Certificate first

STEP 7 : For better reference, set the Provisioning Profile Name as “iosTYPEProfileOWNERNAME” (example: iosDistributionProfileTCTECH)
or else you can set any other name.

Click on “Generate

STEP 8 : Click on “Download” to save this Provisioning Profile (.mobileprovision) file

👏 Congratulations ! You have successfully created iOS Provisioning Profile file (.mobileprovision).

1) You can also pass this file to any developer to Build / upload apps on your Apple Developer Account.

2) In future if you want to delete this certificate or make this unusable, you can go to your Apple Developer Account > Profiles > select profile > click on “Remove”

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